March 3rd - 7th, 2015 (click for map)

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Event Location:
Grove Park Inn Resort & Spa - Asheville, NC

Organizer Contact:
(954) 757-5101
Fax: (954) 757-5103

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United States Dance Championships Circuit
Best of the Best
Dancesport Series
National Dance Council of America
Category: Adult Pro-Am Open Scholarship Championships
Dances: <262>Pro-Am Open American Smooth 4-Dance Scholarship (W/T/FT/VW)
Dance Level: Level:none Age:N/A
Heat 747   [02/27/2014 20:29]
  1 Radek Wiatrowski [429] with Lisa Lowery
  2 Peter Perzhu [386] with Lynn Murrell
  3 Troy Baeten [311] with Hope Huber
  4 Andrei Abrashin [302] with Gracelyn Tuoti
  5 Slava Stefanov [416] with Susan Haynes
  6 Alosha Anatoliy [307] with Carolyn Woodruff
  QUARTERFINAL Terry Anderson [102] with Olga Bogdanov
  QUARTERFINAL Kent Doughty [110] with Lorin Jimenez
  QUARTERFINAL David Easa [111] with Yanna Samkova
  QUARTERFINAL Hector Baeza [312] with Edyta Couch
  QUARTERFINAL Ranko Bogosavac [320] with Jennifer Adams
  QUARTERFINAL Steven Davis [332] with Melanie Bowling
  QUARTERFINAL Jacob Jason [349] with Barbra Bergman
  QUARTERFINAL Dustin Jones [352] with Karen Shaffer
  SEMIFINAL Rex Jones [353] with Svetlana Galperina
  SEMIFINAL Roman Malkhasyan [365] with Shari Oxman
  SEMIFINAL John Moldthan [371] with Michelle Kirby
  SEMIFINAL Brent Hyskell [346] with Kay Jollay
  SEMIFINAL Yuriy Simakov [413] with Margaret DeMott
  SEMIFINAL Yusimi Cruz [328] with Radhika Unnithan
Heat 750   [02/27/2014 21:28]
  1 Rauno Ilo [347] with Lisa Berry
  2 Peter Perzhu [386] with Christina Donelson
  3 Jim Maranto [366] with Darla Davies
  4 Alosha Anatoliy [307] with Diana Best
  5 Yuriy Simakov [413] with Elaine Whitford
  6 Aleks Nashev [377] with Dana Sampaleanu
  SEMIFINAL Zeki Maviyildiz [369] with Sasha
  SEMIFINAL Michael Shultz [409] with Tanya Taksor
Heat 751   [02/27/2014 21:36]
  1 John King [355] with Maria Papakonstantinou
  2 Prageeth Hettiarachchi [344] with Anna Ord
  3 Rex Jones [353] with Ekaterina Galperina
  4 Darian Chancellor [325] with Racheal Peppard
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